StarGOV started in 1999 when the unique needs of the governmental clientele with Infobytes began to show those issues exclusively shared by all our governmental entity clientele. It made sense to pool resources to assist our governmental entity clients and save them all considerable dollars in development costs. While each public agency is unique, there are common traits that must be addressed that are significantly unique to governmental agencies--and not the Private Sector. StarGOV was created to address these unique issues and provide greater technological advantages at reduced costs.

Infobytes originally started as Creative Internet Design in 1995, when our founder Loretta Gale entered the Activate the Internet contest by Microsoft, a contest she subsequently went on to win and was named one of the top six web developers in the world.

StarGOV is an Infobytes technology. The StarGOV team is part of Infobytes, however most of the StarGOV team members deal exclusive with our governmental entity clients to serve their unique demands and enhance their ability to provide better government at less cost.

We have a long history of service and our unofficial motto is to have a "Servants Heart." We are grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to be of service to you. We are confident in our technology and services; we welcome and encourage you to become part of our elite clientele.

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