Commuter Incentive Program

Fresh Air Friday Program was developed for Ogden City to encourage the reduction of commuters traveling with one person in one car. The program was so successfull that many companies, governmental entities and public transportation services joined the effort. Mayor Godfrey, Ogden City, presented Infobytes with a special award for helping Ogden City reduce pollution and CO2 emmissions. In fact, the program automatically calculates how much CO2 emmissions is reduced by the collaborative efforts of this program.

This program has been so successful that it was picked up by the State of Utah for their Travelwise Initiative.

This program helps to diminish traffic as well as reduce CO2 emmissions. The application has a built in mechanism for companies to sign up. Each week or month, eligible employees or participants are eligible for prizes and awards. These prices and awards and donated by sponsoring companies. This program brings together many groups, entities, and companys from both the public and private sector to achieve a common goal: the reduction of CO2 emmissions. If you would like to implement this program in your community, please contact us today.

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