Development and Design

Proper Planning Saves MoneyHigh Value for your entity. Development and custom programming has frequently been able to give our entities a strong rate of return. Example, finding $83,000 four months after an application deploys provides high value and a strong rate of return for your elected officials and finance officers.

Design often involves activities and results whose effectiveness can’t easily be quantified and measured. One must rely on feedback from the public, your constituents and of course your staff and Elected Officials. We work tirelessly to evaluate as many of these subjective opinions as possible, and provide feedback based on our expertise to bring you the most up to date, professional look for all of your branding needs.

StarGOV web design and development is a great value, helping you to provide better government at less cost.

Image. We also know that web development is about image building. Over time, all products and organizations develop personalities, just as individuals do. Positive personalities (images and brands) are often among the most important properties any organization possesses.

Creating strong, visual identities is what we do. Our experience tells us that it is a function far too important today to trust to chance, or a low bidder.

StarGOV's artist team and development programmers are extremely talented. We have all of the state of the art equipment to code faster and better, and the programs to help us design huge projects, but the software and the equipment does not necessarily create professional designs. As Duke Ellington once said, “It is not the piano that makes great music; it is the person sitting at the piano.” The men and women behind the computers at StarGOV are extremely talented and make great commercial art, graphics, web design and development exclusively for you.

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