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Online mapping has exploded in the last few years, largely due to Google Maps and Google earth. As a result of this ever increasing demand, Infobytes has partnered with CarteDesign and Online City Maps to build 21st century maps for any governmental entities. We use the latest GIS technology to input, analyze and display any type of geographic or spatial information. Need to share your data with others? Using the Google Maps JavaScript API we can build stunning online mapping applications customized to your needs that makes sharing your data and maps easy and cost effective. Want to share a map of GPS locations with co-workers or friends? We can import GPS locations into a map and make it available in Google Earth or online in a custom mapping application.
GIS is an awesome tool that is being used in almost every industry and for every purpose imaginable. From agriculture and natural resources to business and marketing GIS is making a difference.

Need a map for your website?
CarteDesign is all about building great online maps for your website! Just about every website could use a map to display geographic information quickly and easily. Below review some of our live examples of mapping applications that use the Google Maps javascript API.
Developing with the Google Maps JavaScript API is a great way to embed a map right into your existing website. Maps speak 1,000 words and add a great visual dimension to a website. Are you looking for a way to drive more traffic to your website or build better customer satisfaction? Let us help by building a customized mapping application for your organization or project.

Why Google?
Everyone is familiar with Google Maps and Google Earth. Both applications are free to use online as long as it is free for visitors to use them. The javascript API's are easy to use and quick to implement. Plus, software available for publishing GIS data to the web can be extremely expensive and complicated. It is also easy to visualize tabular data with Google Fusion Tables. Check out some of our examples at Online City Maps!

  1. City Council Map using Fusion Tables .
  2. Site Selectors
  3. 2010 Census Data.
  4. Highests Peaks in Utah.
  5. Urban and Community Forestry.
  6. Map of Hiking Trails.
  7. "Informed Citizen" Solution for Local Governments .
  8. City Interactive Map (Zoning, Subdivisions, Trails, Garbage Day, etc)
  9. Panoramio Map of Pictures .
  10. Map with Clouds

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