Hosting Re-Imagined

StarGOV Engine install is available on your own servers. StarGOV technicians will install on our own box or we can build the box and bring it to our offices and set it up for you. Please call our offices today if you are interested in a custom install on your own servers, (877) 521-INFO

If you want us to handle all the hosting and the details, we offer a unique hosting environment second to none. StarGOV is pleased to announce that premium hosting is available for governmental entities with our without the StarGOV engine. With our partnership with XMission, the perfect platform for entities looking to grow beyond traditional hosting.


              • Instant scalability

              • Auto load-balancing

              • Killer pricing

Increase or decrease server resources as your site traffic fluctuates, and you will only be billed for what you provision.

Even load balance multiple servers for you at no additional cost.

Instant Scaling
Immediately increase or decrease your site's resources as demand dictates--both vertically and horizontally.

Utility Billing
You're only charged for the resources that you provision. Make adjustments as often as you wish based on traffic needs.

Unlimited Free Load Balancing
Distribute traffic across multiple servers for high availability.

Dedicated Resources
The Stackable hosting environment dedicates resources exclusively to your projects. Unlike traditional shared hosting web hosting, you will not suffer if another business starts to consume a large amount of resources.

As if you are hosting yourself, with more resources, staff, and equipment without the sys admin headaches--at a fraction of the cost.

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