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Site SelectorsBring Business to Your City!

The StarGOV Site Selector offers a robust, informative Site Seeker service for businesses interested in leasing or purchasing space in your area.

The Site Selector application uses a powerful GIS-enabled tool developed specifically for businesses looking to open, expand or relocate in your area. This one tool provides the data and insight needed to make sound decisions when choosing a community, zone, neighborhood and property for a business. Review a demo.

Options include allowing businesses to sign up and provide some basic information about their space needs, timeline, and other business considerations for the area. The StarGOV site seeker program then prepares and sends a broadcast email/fax* to designated economic development officials, business service providers such as property owners, managers, and real estate agents exclusively designated by you to receive information regarding potential business relocators.

*The identity of the potential business remains anonymous until the business chooses to disclose their identity.

This is an easy and fast way to obtain up-to-the minute information on space opportunities, financial incentives, and other perks for businesses interested in your community.

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