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Social Media provides many cost effective venues to enhance your branding, provide greater customer service, get the word out in the event of an emergency, and create goodwill in your community. There are several important features of Social Media that have significant impact for local governmental entities in the areas of police and investigation work. Besides creating consistent branding for all of your Social Media Outlets, the experts at StarGOV can help you develop your Social Media strategies as well as making publishing and listening much more convenient for you and your staff.

Branding: One fo the most important aspects of your banding is the design and style of your websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all the other important and up and coming platforms for social media. StarGOV designers will make sure that your branding is consistent with every outlet. Additionally, utilizing Social Media helps promote a positive brand, especially if Social Media is used as a tool for customer service. Great customer service gets talked about, and this can lead to more sales and more attention. Twitter is one of the most viral platforms around, which can make one happy customer into an international story.

Customer Service: The main goal of customer service is to help someone resolve their issues. While phone conversations can help solve problems, wait times do not. Twitter is a lightning-fast platform that can help sift through and solve problems quickly. If it’s a small issue, a single tweet may be enough. For a more complex problem, the brand can initiate a deeper conversation with the customer. StarGOV experts can assist you in utilizing Twitter and other Social Media platforms for your Customer Service.

Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Management: In the event of an Emergency, Social Media is one of the quickest and reliable means to quickly disseminate information--especially utilizing Twitter.

Police Work: Social networking rapidly has become a valuable intelligence-gathering tool for law enforcement agencies, as well as a source of evidence for defense and prosecution personnel who search Facebook pages, Twitter feeds or YouTube videos seeking to discredit witnesses, establish law enforcement bias, track down evidence or establish associations between gang members. Often, perpetrators brag about their crimes on social networks, and child pornographers and sexual predators have been located and apprehended as a result of their online activities. (

StarGOV experts can assist with developing your Social Media plan. The StarGov engine provides a valuable tool for easy deployment.Call us today for a free consolation.

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